How It All Began..

Hello! I’m Karen, the owner of Karenoughcrafts & Boutique. We have had our brick and mortar location since April 2022. But, my story didn’t start there…

It’s 1997 and my friend invites me to a handmade card party.  Never heard of it before but I went and the creative spark began. Someone showed me the “magic” of heat embossing, which turned into dry embossing, emboss resist…. The possibilities were just endless. Since then, I have educated myself to exploring other card making skills using different modalities for a desired end result. I have taught classes inside my house to show others how fun it is to make your own cards. I also wanted and inspire others to make their own creations and share the love they put into their craft.
Another passion of mine was Essential Oils. I loved how they work in my body at the cellular level. I had started exploring some new ways to rid my lifestyle of toxins and replace it with healthier options. I used a Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil for all of my needs. I realized so many things in my medicine cabinets and under my kitchen sink could be replaced with something healthier for my body. I started making sugar scrubs, bath bombs, soaps, toilet bombs, surface cleaners, perfumes and so. much. more. Everyone around me would encourage me to “sell these things!” “You have a talent!” “People need to know these are wonderful options for them!” And so on.
In both my card making skills and my EO (essential oil) products, I just felt like I could be a part of something bigger. I decided to do some craft fairs. I would sell out of my products and when I had to replace it, I would improve the labeling or the product packaging. It was just all aspects of fun for me.
When COVID hit, it was hard for me to drawback with in-person classes. Vendor fairs weren’t an option anymore. Here I am now on Etsy. What a great place for crafters of all kinds to display their talents. Thank you for exploring my page and I look forward to working with you! God bless!